Sunday, February 13, 2011

...a sweet little mystery...

or is it? to me, it feels huge. but i'm trying to not be overly dramatic. so...

yesterday i received an email from 'Ember'. from blogger really, letting me know someone had left a comment on my blog here. first, this is amazing because i only had about 2 posts. second, because i've blogged elsewhere for over 2 years, and a comment is sooo rare and exciting. not that i'm blogging for comments... it's just such a bonus!

in one of my very last posts there, i mention thinking about what a blessing this technology has become- as a way for women to connect.


i also, as i have many, many times... mention a book in the same post.

my mother gave us the book as a gift years ago. i remember thinking, 'oh, this will be fun. a book about monks in the 13th century.'!

well, i'm reading it again. in fact, our little book club is reading it right now. my daughter chose it for us. i've read it and read it and read it. i remember the night i sat up into the wee hours of the morning, reading to the end because i couldn't stop, box of tissues at hand. i've bought multiple copies to have available for gifts. i just ordered more. i can't even find my original tattered copy.

{i may or may not be obsessed with it...!  giggle...}

when we homeschooled our kiddos, using a Classical curriculum and studying history in chronological order {novel idea, i know!!!} and while we were studying the Middle Ages, i read the entire book aloud to our 3 teenagers during the afternoons, while they built models of replica castles, etc. from the time periods.

when we finished, one of our sons, {a teenage boy... mind you} said it was his favorite book ever.

you know that saying, 'who takes the child by the hand - takes the mother by the heart.'?

it was like that.

we were also attempting to tackle Latin at the time, so the passages with liturgy in Latin made it even more relevant for us.

as if i didn't already love the book enough.

...see it there? the dark one in the middle?
The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock. one of my absolute all-time favorites. in my mind, a classic... in the manner that CS Lewis described... a book you would read over and over again... throughout your life.

anyone who knows me very well at all knows this. they may not get it, or even like the book. but it always really speaks to me. and i talk about it often.

i don't have very many other real favoirtes. one of them is mentioned here, and why... The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. {#9}

i had tried many times to find more of Penelope's writing. i found one book, The Clear Light of Day. not at all what i expected... and then i thought maybe she had stopped writing.

and i would just go on enjoying The Hawk and the Dove over and over.

ok, so... i'm reading the book... again... aaannnddd... yesterday morning, i look at my inbox, click on the email from 'Ember'... read the comment, click on her name -which takes me to her online profile, her blogs...

i was kind of just looking down the list of blogs, the post titles, the topic or 'tags', etc., etc.

i looked up to the top of the page- ... it says Penelope Wilcock....

wait. what? how did i get here? what? ... wait. wait!! what??

wait... {yes, this really is how my thought processes work. i think it's the adult onset ADD. tee-hee.}

wait... did...? could it be? Penelope Wilcock wrote a comment on my dinky little 2 post blog?

how? can? this? be?

i click around and look and look. i read some of her blogs. click and read. click and read.

i have gotten overly dramatic, haven't i?  ...well,

i click back.

yes. Penelope Wilcock... the Penelope Wilcock - has posted a comment, a sweet little compliment- on this, my blog.

of course i am going to contact her and ask how she came across my blog. i noticed that we have one link in common, the new book i'm reading One Thousand Gifts A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are...  by Anne Voskamp. but as far as i know, this blog isn't linked to the author's site. my other blog is though. hence, the mystery.

maybe i'll find it's no mystery at all, and there's a perfectly logical explanation. but me being me, i just wanted to bask in the excitement and mystery and drama of it all!

you see, i've been in a little bit of a hard place. like this: dry, dull, empty, lonely, alone - sort of, breaking, distracted...

{...we are like little children strayed from home, and God is now fetching us home; and we are ready to turn into any house, stay and play with everything in our way, and sit down on every green bank, and much ado there is to get us home...}
richard baxter, Puritan Quotations
...and pulled, and misunderstood, unable to communicate. bristling against vulnerability. remaining selfish and in self-preservation mode... waiting for help, answers. confident they'll come. watching. waiting...

so, the very first blog entry of Pen's, {Ember} that i clicked on included this link:

oh gosh. i'll need to watch this many times over. there's a lot here...

suffice it to say... i feel amazed and blessed by these recent events. my sister calls them God Winks. i'm very familiar with them. it's His sweet way. His attention to detail {with the whole world to run!} and little assurances.

this morning, i had the luxury of just laying long in bed, in the quiet... basking in the blessings. life is full of the sweetest little details. but they're monumental to me...

and now, i'm off to invistegate the mystery!
until next time,
jynene aka: lucy {in the narnian world... i would like to think i would be a little lucy pevensie...}

BONUS! ...there's a sequel! can't wait.


  1. "God winks" :0) I like that! x

  2. Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. I was reading Ember for quite a while before I twigged she *wrote for real* lol & there were books I could get & keep her in my living room or on my bedside table.

  3. I'm the same as Ganeida. I didn't know she was an author either. I have had the same experience with a couple of authors. It is such a blessing. The most notable was Liz Curtis Higgs.